Teaching Assistant Training Program Day 3: My 10-Minute Presentation

The Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP) at Western is an incredibly helpful program for new Tutorial leaders or graders. It is an intensive twenty-hour interactive program that is taught by well-trained and experienced TAs in the course of two-and-a-half days. On day one, one of the most useful aspects of TA-ship that we learned was to provide actionable, specific, and objective feedback to students. We practiced this skill especially in the mornings of Day 2 and Day 3 whereby each student (of different programs) in a group gave an academic (but general) presentation of her liking and received effective and useful feedback from the students and instructor of her group. What was even more useful was that the presentations were recorded and we got the videos of our presentations. This not only made us more cognizant of our mannerisms, style, and stance, but also how we sound to others.

Here is my 10-minute presentation that I gave on Day 3.
Validity & Soundness: What Makes a Deductive Argument Good

For more information on the excellent program (TATP), visit the following link: